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Quality Cabinets and More. Built-to-order. Faster turnaround.

AZ Closets, Cabinets, and More is Phoenix’s premier volume manufacturer of high quality kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, closets, casegoods, and more. We specialize in euro style and ready-to-assemble cabinets, but also provide a slew of other products with near endless design possibilities.

Builders, designers, and contractors across Arizona have come to trust MT Manufacturing Services for quality custom kitchen cabinet manufacturing and services. We have the experience and capabilities to deliver architectural quality cabinets in a fraction of the time you’re accustomed to, and we offer a huge selection of colors and finishes to choose from with brands like EGGER, AGT, Tafisa, Formica, Wilsonart, and PRISM. Let Us Quote Your Next Project.

Design, Build, and Install with MT Manufacturing Services.

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Call our highly trained cabinet and storage design experts today to get started.

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Brands You Trust

We Have The Brands You Trust

With an Unmatched Selection.

Choose from vast color choices and textures from all your favorite brands like EGGER, AGT, Tafisa, Formica, Wilsonart, and PRISM.

Quick, quality turnaround in any size down to 1/16″ increments is our strength. Each cabinet is manufactured with precision in our state of the art factory in Phoenix, Arizona using only trusted industrial grade materials. Our team is ready to get your design into production and deliver your products on time and locally saving you tons on shipping. Pick out your color, give us your measurements, and let’s get started today.

Cabinets, Closets and Casegoods Made-to-Order in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

RTA Cabinets And Casegoods Furniture Manufacturing Fabricator Phoenix Arizona AZ Closets Cabinets And More

Made-to-Order in Phoenix

We Support Arizona Businesses

Local Manufacturing and Services.

A record number of new homes are slated for construction in Arizona.

MT Manufacturing Services produces ready to assemble cabinets and many more products at wholesale prices without the high costs associated with shipping large heavy products. Since 2010 MT Manufacturing Services has been manufacturing flat panel laminate products in high production with quality and customer service to support our local Arizona companies and help them to succeed. If you are a builder, contractor, or designer, we want to know how we can help.

High quality production. Built-to-order.

Custom Cabinets Manufacturer MT Manufacturing Services Phoenix Arizona

We Are Cabinet and Casegoods Techies

We Are Cabinet and Casegoods Techies

State of The Art Technology.

You need perfection, and that’s what we deliver.

Our highly skilled cabinet and casegoods techies are put through rigorous training to be sure we can deliver the best cabinets and casegoods solutions to you locally. We can make anything from a flat panel, so our machines are always working as hard as we are to get your cabinets out expeditiously and accurately. We are the cabinet and casegoods techies, and we are here to help.

Builders, Contractors, and Designers Love Us.

RTA Cabinet And Casegoods Manufacturer Manufacturing Fabrication Phoenix Arizona

We’re American Made And Sustainable

We're American Made And Sustainable.

NAF-no added formaldehyde.

You need certified sustainable products, and that’s what we use. Our American made cabinets are GREENGUARD Certified, NAF, and made with 100% recycled/recovered cores. You can count on us to deliver products that meet and exceed all USGBC and LEED requirements. MT Manufacturing Services is constantly searching for better green building table top manufacturing solutions, and we are extremely environmentally conscience in our day to day operations.

100% post-industrial recycled/recovered content.

Design your dream made-to-order cabinets with brands like EGGER, AGT, Tafisa, Formica, Wilsonart, and PRISM.

RTA Cabinets And Casegoods Furniture Manufacturer Manufacturing Fabrication Phoenix Arizona American Made

Your Local Arizona Source for Euro Style Cabinets, Furniture, Closets, and More.

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